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Deliver collaborative learning aligned with business-critical needs


Role-based skill development

Collaborative Learning

Dynamic, cohort-based learning

Career Growth

Interactive professional development


Repeating programs and company-wide initiatives


Expert-led shared learning experiences

See how Degreed Academies can deliver the skill development you've been looking for


Degreed in Action: Leveraging Academies

To cultivate true skill development, learning needs to be deeper and more rigorous — that’s where academies come in.

Targeted learning

Powerful and precise deep-skilling

Create targeted learning programs that leverage an array of virtual and live capabilities aligned with the critical skills your organization needs to succeed. Build a deeper learning experience that offers a blended approach to collaborative learning that ensures measurable outcomes and strategic impact.

Customize and curate

Customize your programs with a variety of sources

Curate third-party learning resources or your own proprietary content in a wide range of formats, like coaching, certifications, internal programs, and more to design dynamic programs that appeal to diverse learning styles, and present them in a single experience.

Better experience

Build a blended learning experience that sticks

Power your team's progression and maintain momentum with integrated tools and features like timely notifications, encouraging nudges, and helpful reminders. Easily coordinate learning into calendars with live learning events, workshops, and training sessions.

Effortless admin

Scale and manage for a changing workplace

Easily create, manage, and customize Degreed Academies to align to your company’s unique needs and objectives.

Drive your team’s development with tools designed for collaborative learning

Blended Learning

Create a program that combines live and virtual learning opportunities as a shared experience.

Flexible Content & Integrations

Include third-party content from any content provider you already use or choose proprietary resources.

Admin Tools

Robust admin tools offer insight into program activity and allow easy management of participants, permissions, content updates, and more in minutes.

Communication & Scheduling

Integrations with calendar and communication tools like Slack, Google, and MSTeams enable scheduling, communication, and virtual discussion. 

Project Submission & Feedback

Learners can submit answers, upload documents, videos, and more as a way to practically apply what they have learned and receive feedback from program leaders and managers.


Deliver consistent, localized learning experiences with leading content partner providers from around the world to offer best-in-class localized learning. 

Custom Program Builder

Build customized programs to align with your company’s strategic initiatives and skill development priorities.

“Most big transformations take place when a person can learn, do and grow…We don’t just want people to learn new skills: we need them to take on new projects, new roles, and new careers.”

Josh Bersin on Degreed acquiring Learn In

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Academies FAQs

Degreed Academies are built for deeper, longer learning journeys. They are ideal for organizations looking to create deep, long learning journeys that have cohorts and are time-bound
Enhance your existing learning experiences with the ability to have:

Scheduling and Events
Projects with Feedback
Purchasing and approval for external certifications and programs
Managing prerequisites

Yes, you can! The Degreed Academies solution can be used as a separate platform or integrated with the Degreed LXP to offer more options to stand up targeted deeper upskilling programs as needs arise quickly.

The great news is that you can choose just about any content source you prefer—the platform is built to use 3rd party content from providers you may already license, your own proprietary content, or a mix of content from a number of providers in a range of modalities!

Drive business impact with skills-first learning

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