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Curate cost-effective content for flexible upskilling


Role-based skill development


Targeted skill development


Earn recognized qualifications

Educational Benefits

Flexible learning stipends

Financial Support

Funding tuition assistance

Watch how Degreed Content Marketplace delivers flexible skill development

Degreed in Action: Rethinking your Content Marketplace

Degreed in Action: Rethinking your Content Marketplace

Most great places to work have top-tier benefits. Chief among them is learning and development stipends. But not all funds are created equal.

Curated marketplace

Reimagine what learning looks like

Access a diverse marketplace brimming with top-tier skill-building programs. From certificates in data analytics to courses on remote leadership, empower your team with blended learning that drives company growth and individual career development.

Funding solutions

Flexible financing options for every organization

Revolutionize employee skill development through prepaid learning stipends that eliminate reimbursement obstacles. Ensure access to learning with flexible financing solutions like virtual debit cards, tuition assistance, scholarships, and completion bonuses, which fosters a culture of continuous growth.

Simple controls

Smart, strong, seamless controls

Effortlessly curate the offerings available to your team, establish individual budget parameters, and seamlessly authorize and allocate funds. Gain comprehensive visibility into employee advancement, monitor expenditure allocation, and establish tailored initiatives—all through an intuitive dashboard that puts you in full control.

Discover, acquire, and refine the skills you need to succeed

Curated Content

Learn from courses, videos, articles, books, memberships and more from trusted partners. Select level, timeline and cost from a wide array of global offerings.

Customization Capabilities

Easily track and manage requests, approvals, content licenses and budgets from the platform.

User Dashboard

Access a personalized and user-friendly interface that houses your lifelong skills profile.

Team Management Tools

Track your team's progress, recommend relevant content, set goals, and provide guidance.

Flexible Platform

Tailor the marketplace to align with your branding, learning objectives, and employee learning preferences.

Marketplace Discounts

Access a variety of partner educational programs at discounted rates.

Content Comparisons

Check out and compare offerings based on relevance, detailed insights and rankings.

Promoted Providers

Spotlight specific or preferred learning resources, courses, and materials for their relevance and quality.

“Degreed's Content Marketplace is so accessible and easy to use that we're blowing our upskilling goals out of the water.”

Jamal Smith, Sr. Learning & Development Specialist, Checkr

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Content Marketplace FAQs

If you have a specific provider not currently listed among the 1000s of content partners we have, we can easily connect with that provider for your programs.

Yes, we can track approvals and help manage spend regardless of whether you have a predefined budget for employees. We aim to help bring your learning policy to life with easy-to-use admin tools and a seamless Learner experience to request and use funds.

Yes, you can fully customize what programs are visible in the marketplace and highlight particular programs to individuals, select groups, or the entire organization.

The Degreed solution comes with an in-app dashboard for learners to understand what funds they have and what is remaining, and access to recommended programs in the marketplace.  Managers and admins can review which team members are applying for funding, the associated cost center,  where the request is in the approval process, and spend against the budget.  We also offer robust supplemental data extracts that capture all approvals and associated data points for in-depth reporting.

Drive business impact with skills-first learning

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