Degreed and Konviva Announce Technology and Commercial Partnership

November 27th 2023: The Corporate Education market is in full evolution, demanding innovative solutions that offer the best learning experience. The new wave that is transforming the way companies will train and develop their workforce is based on the concept of the“Skills-Based Organization”. Beyond positions and academic degrees on the curriculum, and in a growing scenario of digital and technological transformations, companies will need much more of the set of skills and competencies that people have to occupy new positions and face their market challenges. This approach allows individuals to explore their potential much more, put them into practice, adding more value to themselves and to organizations. The result of this is the composition of an organizational skills pool, talent retention, and turnover reduction.

It is in this context that Degreed and Konviva, pioneering companies and leaders in their markets, consolidate their technological and commercial partnership, in order to offer the market and its customers a complete solution, which includes all the resources necessary for the implementation of an end-to-end Corporate Education strategy. The partnership is strategic for both companies to increase their presence not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America.

Konviva and Degreed are two leading learning platforms that offer different, but complementary, solutions. Konviva is a traditional LMS that focuses on the management and administration of learning. It provides organizations with a centralized platform for storing and delivering learning content, tracking progress, and reporting on learning outcomes. Degreed is a next-generation LXP that focuses on the individual learner. It uses a skills-based approach to learning to help individuals develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers.

Gustavo Rohde, CEO of Konviva states that for Konviva customers, the integration between platforms will allow the natural evolution of a “Digital Learning” model to a “On-the-job learning model”, guided by skills, making it the protagonist of its development, in line with learning challenges enhanced by the rapid digital transformation that society experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning strategies. For Degreed customers, especially Brazilian and Latin American companies, they will be able to count on a robust and flexible LMS platform, with humanized service, in their language and time zone, with full adherence to the control needs and offering of courses and learning experiences, with personalized reports and indicators, offering the security and credibility necessary to comply with all processes and governance necessary for regulated or mandatory training programs, adds Rohde.

“The collaboration with Konviva significantly expands Degreed’s commitment to the Latin American market, where Brazil continues to be the main player. I am confident that, with Konviva, Brazil will maintain its position as one of the countries with the highest uptake of our solution on a global scale. This partnership is also strategic for our customers to have an even better user experience in preparing their employees for the challenges that the market presents today and others to come in the future,” said Débora Mioranzza, VP for the Americas at Degreed.

In 2022, the companies strengthened their relationship when they identified the potential of integrating their platforms to make the user experience more fluid for employees, managers, and administrators, avoiding rework and centralizing management information. At that time, they identified common customers who expressed the need to adopt one or the other platform, each with its own expertise. With the formalization of the partnership, Degreed and Konviva quickly began working together and are already working on projects.

“We have always had great admiration for Degreed for its vision, purpose, and culture as an innovative company that has set trends and challenged the market. Degreed’s performance inspires us, we have convergent values and goals, which is essential for a successful partnership,” says Gustavo Rohde. For Konviva, the partnership reinforces its expansion strategy, reaching new markets and other customer profiles, in search of significant growth of 157% in the next 3 years.”

About Degreed:

Degreed is a technology suite that combines lifelong learning and data-driven development so organizations can collect, understand and build skills for greater impact, evolving how their workforce works. Degreed is the only learning platform that makes it easy for companies to deliver daily learning, deep skill-building, education benefits, real-time insights and expert services, while connecting to the most robust and open ecosystem. Each day, over 9 million learners from hundreds of global companies use Degreed to gain the skills to grow in their careers.

Degreed, founded in 2012, launched with the mission of “jailbreaking the degree” where all skills are recognized, irrespective of how they are acquired. Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Brisbane.

About Konviva:

Konviva was created by Ilog technology, a company with over 23 years of experience in developing learning and corporate education solutions, specializing in the development of educational platforms, and one of the pioneers in the Brazilian distance education market with expertise in LMS. In October 2023, the company underwent a rebranding process, adopting the name Konviva Edtech, which clarifies its market positioning and strategic vision. Under the Konviva brand, the Edtech brings a suite of products that aims to meet the growing demand for differentiated solutions that offer the best user experience, providing greater engagement and better learning outcomes.

With over 250 customers and 3 million users, Konviva is one of the leading brands in Brazil and with a presence in Latin America. It serves organizations of all sizes and market segments, helping them to manage learning and knowledge and automate processes to improve individual and organizational performance. Konviva’s mission is to contribute to the development and qualification of people, making organizations more productive and value-generating, and contributing to a more just and prosperous society.

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