Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Heart at Work

We all come from different places with different beliefs. But we join at Degreed for the same reason: to become the best version of ourselves for our customers and our company. Uniting diverse minds to inspire innovation takes heart, and practicing heart at work is what we do.

Exceptional starts here.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging are the foundation that enables our best work.

Diversity @ Degreed

Differences in race, gender, and language are just the beginning. We seek diversity in thought, experience, location, and beliefs to build a product and company that works for everyone.

Inclusion @ Degreed

Inclusion lets us learn from new perspectives so we can become more innovative. We practice this principle by prioritizing inclusive language in our processes, solutions, documentation, and decision-making.

Belonging @ Degreed

Belonging promotes a safe place at Degreed where we’re free to be the most authentic version of ourselves. We strive to recognize each employee for their contribution to our mission, and outstanding individual performances are recognized weekly with the Degreed Inclusion award.

Inclusion Award Recipient

Carmel Ulbrick

Client Success Manager

RaceEQ Co-Chair

Upskilling in: Organizational Development, DEI Strategy
Favorite expert: Lily Zheng
Dream super-skill: Fluency in all romance languages

How has Degreed inspired you to be your whole self at work?

Degreed has been intentional about bringing in talent that understands how crucial psychological safety is to productivity, innovation, retention, and scale – it’s the presence of these individuals that maintain a working environment that allows me to feel safe and supported. That feeling is what invites me to hold space for my colleagues and our clients, to use my voice where I might have otherwise held back, and to be open and collaborative about the future we’re building here at Degreed.

What does DIB at Degreed mean to you?

All work within the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging space forces us to look inward and tap into more of our humanity, which isn’t something we’ve always thought to do in a professional setting. For me, DEIB is about the future and about leaving behind a legacy that makes us all proud – more importantly, it’s about establishing an ever-evolving framework for equitable paths to success across all levels at Degreed so that our future workforce is aligned with our vision and can do the best work of their lives each day.

Many Parts, One Heart

Our various business resource groups make sure every identity has a visible platform at Degreed.

RaceEQ establishes and sustains equitable paths to success and creates an inclusive remote working environment. They help inform processes and policies that promote racial diversity from recruitment to partnerships, and they raise awareness around social issues and socio-economic disparities.

GenderEQ provides opportunities, education, support, and celebrates all genders to create a culture of belonging. They advocate for the equal inclusion, representation, and leadership of all gender identities within Degreed.

Out serves as a network and resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees and their allies. They foster an inclusive, supportive, and affirming workplace for the LGBTQ+ community and serve as an advisor to Human Resources and the Executive Committee.

Culture promotes Degreed’s unique organizational values and environment and brings awareness to its rich, internal cultural diversity.

Our wellness warriors promote mindfulness, resilience, movement, and nutrition throughout Degreed. They destigmatize mental health through education and open forums, and they help our leaders foster mental health thoughtfully. They also provide uplifting opportunities like wellness days and volunteer activities.

Inclusion Award Recipient

Andrew Do

Client Engagement Partner

Wellness Co-Chair

Upskilling in: Mindfullness

Favorite expert: Jen Fisher

Dream super-skill: Dunking

How has Degreed inspired you to be your whole self at work?

Degreed has consistently shown that it appreciates me for who I am, and that inspires me to show up as my authentic self and not just the “office” version. Our team cultivates the kind of emotional security conducive to thriving as a teammate and encourages me to be who I am.

What does DIB at Degreed mean to you?

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging means recognizing, valuing, appreciating, and seeking out the beautiful qualities, backgrounds, and perspectives that make us all unique. Degreed values identity, points of view, expression, experiences, and everything that shows up with the humans we’re lucky enough to work with.

Adding Up Progress

Counting all the ways we’re making a difference.

Languages spoken


Female execs of VP+


Countries with employees


Inclusion Award Recipient

Chris Evans

(aka Evans or Cap)

Software Engineer

Upskilling in: Localization & Internationalization

Favorite expert: Malcom Gladwell

Dream super-skill: Parkour

How has Degreed inspired you to be your whole self at work?

My manager’s example of using our flexible PTO policy motivates me to do the same, even if I have deadlines. I also feel supported in every way by team members and upper management to continually learn and improve my skills to help accomplish my career goals.

What does DIB at Degreed mean to you?

I’ve seen our company grow to almost ten times the number of employees from when I started, yet our culture and genuine acceptance of each person have not changed. I believe all humans are brothers and sisters from one humongous family, and I feel that love from our Degreed team!

Heart at Work on the Outside

Good Deeds by Degreed gives our team time throughout the year to serve others. From volunteering at mass vaccination clinics to local food shelters and humane societies, Good Deeds invites every Degreed employee to impact their community positively.


Total volunteer hours in 2021



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