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Create personalized experiences mapped to strengths and skill gaps


Employee onboarding done right

Employee Experience

Better engagement for better retention

L&D Administration

Faster L&D results with lower costs


Always-on upskilling & reskilling


Gain insights from skills data

Learning Culture

Establish employee-powered learning

Impact every part of your employee's skills-journey

Onboarding to new teams

Degreed in Action: Onboarding to new teams or functions

Create a seamless, intuitive training experience that not only welcomes your employees but also empowers them from day one.

Engaging your employees

Degreed in Action: Engaging your employees

Employee engagement is a crucial ingredient in achieving business success and enhancing employee retention. To unlock your people’s interest and commitment to continuous upskilling, your job as an L&D professional is to make learning as easy and engaging as possible.

Operating L&D

Degreed in Action: Operating L&D Efficiently

Business operations are complex enough without being bogged down by administrative tasks like chasing down course completions from individual employees. With Degreed, these challenges are a thing of the past.

Upskilling your workforce

Degreed in Action: Upskilling your workforce

Upskilling and closing skills gaps remain significant challenges for learning professionals in today's dynamic work environment.

Reskilling your workforce

Degreed in Action: Reskilling your workforce

Knowing and doing are two distinct aspects of learning. Ensure your workforce gets a holistic learning experience — from knowledge acquisition to real-world experience.

Personalized learning

Deliver personal learning at scale

Learning is more powerful when it's personal. Engage your people with relevant courses, articles, and materials aligned to specific development goals.

Plans and pathways

Make learning purposeful with plans and pathways

Deliver the ideal experience for each individual through curated lists or sequences of learning content and browsable experiences made up of a collection of content on a specific topic or skill.

Diverse experiences

Curate diverse and experiential learning

Access to hand-selected premium content, seamless integrations, and comprehensive resources is just a click away. Find articles, videos, podcasts, courses, and more.

In the flow of work

Meet learners in the flow-of-work

Enable learning as an essential aspect of your people’s every day with our user-friendly browser extension, mobile app, and integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack. Skill-building will become a natural part of daily workflow with intuitive nudges and notifications.

Skills Profile

A lifelong profile for lifelong learners

Empower your people with a lifelong skills profile that showcases their strengths and achievements. It also helps you see what your team brings to the table and enables you to connect them to the precise skills that they need and the future demands.

Support your team’s skills-first future at speed and scale

Skills Graph

Map the true relationships between skills, content, people, and experiences.

Browser Extension

Capture, curate, and share learning resources from any website you visit.


Integrate Degreed LXP with your LMS, HCM, and other internal tools to ensure a seamless ecosystem.

Personalized Feed

Enjoy curated content and resource recommendations based on individual preferences, skills, interests, and history.

Focus Skills

Prioritize core capabilities and knowledge areas that are essential for achieving strategic goals.

Ratings & Assessments

Utilize self-assessments to evaluate the quality and relevance of content, courses, videos, and articles.


Earn and display digital badges as a recognition of achievements, competencies, and skills acquired.

MS+Slack Plug-ins

Search for and share relevant courses, articles, videos, and other learning materials where the work is happening.

“I love the way they’re looking at it from both the individual and the organizational standpoint. Skills and career and learning and talent all together, without the huge, unwieldy HCM suites.”

Redthread Research

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An LXP provides a single point of access for all learning — both formal and informal. Formal learning resources, like online courses and internal training created on an LMS, are tracked and measured from the same platform as informal learning resources, like articles, videos, podcasts, and ebooks.

Rather than administrators managing employee learning from the top-down, LXPs enable employees to manage their own learning, pulling from the resources they utilize in their everyday flow of work. The insights on each individual’s skills and growth opportunities then nudge them toward the learning that matters most, every day.

An LMS manages content, events, compliance and learning records for L&D teams. An LXP exists to help people access learning content more easily and make learning and skill development more engaging and productive. In other words, you manage learning with an LMS and enable learning with an LXP. The Degreed platform connects all your learning and brings it to life!

LMS systems are often associated with more rigid course structures and may take time to update or modify to meet evolving demands. LXPs, on the other hand, are designed to be more adaptable and agile in their content delivery and customization. LXPs can provide organizations with the flexibility to pivot and address emerging skill gaps by curating or creating content that’s responsive to changing industry trends or business needs. This adaptability enables organizations to remain competitive and ensure their workforce is equipped with the latest skills. An LXP alongside an existing LMS offers organizations the benefits of a more personalized, user-centric learning experience, support for informal and continuous learning, and increased adaptability in the face of changing learning demands. The combination of both systems can create a more effective learning ecosystem that meets the diverse needs of the modern workforce.

Degreed’s Data Science team has been implementing different forms of AI for almost half a decade, with a consistent focus on improving the learning experience and the data L&D and business leaders can use to inform workforce decisions. Degreed currently uses AI in its platform to provide personalized learning recommendations, improve search results and much more.

Degreed LXP and Academies platform do not offer content. However, we integrate with any learning content you want to use. For example, Udemy, Skillsoft, Pluralsight, and other providers. In addition, we can connect to any proprietary content you want to connect from Sharepoint, or other sources. Anyone with a Degreed account can quickly search, discover, and select collections of their favorite learning and development content quickly and easily.

Drive business impact with skills-first learning

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